The Key Elements of Big Maths

Big Maths embraces the logical nature of maths, translating it into simple steps and Progress Drives. There is great detail built into the system which develops teacher subject knowledge and expertise as well as promoting organisation and consistency across school.

What does Big Maths Offer as an Approach to Maths?


The Whole Primary Maths Curriculum

Join thousands of schools as we endeavour to ensure every child reaches their full potential by becoming fully numerate.


Basic Skills

Children must have a solid foundation of Basic Skills. Big Maths uses the first 20 minutes of each Maths lesson to focus on these skills in a fun and engaging way.


Identify Gaps

Gaps in knowledge are identified quickly through the weekly challenges. This means that all new learning is introduced with the confidence that the prerequisite skills are embedded.



Big Math’s robust framework of Progress Drives and Steps allows for a child to journey through school as if they were being taught and tracked by one teacher.


Full Curriculum Coverage

In depth planning documents give every member of staff the confidence that they are teaching to their curriculum expectations; whether in England, Scotland or Wales.



Big Maths embraces mastery throughout by encouraging children to explore in greater depth before moving onto the next skill.

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